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AR10 Handguards and Rails

Choosing to buy a tactical rail or handguard from PMArmory for your AR10 rifle is an investment in the highest-quality product at an affordable price. For accessorizing your AR10, whether it’s with scopes or laser sights, you’ll want a good rail system. And for the grip you need when you need it most, the best .308 handguards are coming soon – and will be available here!

Accuracy is so important when you’re shooting however far away the target is. There are so many factors to consider when deciding on parts and accessories for your AR10, and the rails and handguards are among the most important. Your grip will allow you to get the precision necessary to shoot a rifle. And a rail that is specifically made for the type of rifle you own is critical for whatever add-on’s you’ve got – and who doesn’t want a few add-ons? No matter if it’s an AR10 quad rail, an AR .308 rail or a 7.62 QD rail, you’ll want to make sure it fits your rifle perfectly.

Invest in your AR10 with accessories that will last for the duration. And please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions. Our veteran firearms experts are available and ready to be of service!