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Aero Precision Upper Receivers and Parts

Aero Precision is a manufacturer and designer of rifles and rifle components based in Tacoma, Washington. The goal at Aero Precision is a simple one: to achieve technical perfection, stemming from roots in the aerospace industry where perfection is the only standard. They bring the same commitment to quality to the firearms industry throughout their many MILSPEC parts that meet and exceed standard expectations.

Aero Precision has invested in guided robotic machining equipment, and the best hydraulic tooling and monitoring systems available. By using the best equipment available, they guarantee the highest quality product available. Manufacturing superior products isn’t done using off the standard technology. By making and creating their own tooling, they can put-out products that are unmatched by anyone in the market.

At Pickett’s Mill Armory, we offer only the best product made from top of the line manufacturers, such as Aero Precision. Aero Precision uppers are made from the best American aluminum available, providing for optimal quality and durability. When choosing your upper, it is important to consider the multitude of pieces involved in your build and how using top of the line products it can boost your AR from mediocre to high performance. Aero Precision is known for their top quality products, so a quick upgrade can make all the difference.

Aero Precision Upper Assemblies are Mil-Spec, made from 7075-T6 Aluminum, meaning they are durable and compatible with all Mil-Spec components of your AR-15 build. After forging, the uppers are coated in hard type III anodized coating. They have M4 feed ramps, leading for a lower, wider, and smoother entry point for any round of ammo.

Flash hiders are integral to a build, as it ensures that your weapon will not blind you in tactical use at night, and add a uniqueness to the end of your assembly. Flash hiders are known for the unique ability to reduce the flash caused by the gases exiting the end of the barrel at extremely high speeds. If you opt out of the traditional A2 birdcage flash hider, we also offer a VG6 Gamma or Epsilon muzzle device. The VG6 Gamma is a muzzle brake designed to limit recoil and muzzle movement, it does this by being a compensator and muzzle brake hybrid. Now, if you want it all, the VG6 Epsilon is the perfect blend of muzzle brake, flash hider, and compensator, all-in-one. The Epsilon does everything the 556 Gamma does, but with added flash-hiding prongs at the end for flash-hiding capabilities.

Barrels from Aero Precision are not chrome-lined, rather they are QPQ coated, leading to longer barrel life and better resistance to throat erosion without compromising the accuracy. You’ll find anywhere, the accuracy from an Aero Precision barrel is spot on, allowing for accuracy and appealing designs. When looking for Aero Precision barrels don’t be confused, as they are actually manufactured from Aero Precision’s partner company Ballistic Advantage, but this does not change anything as they are still Made in America products with amazing reviews.

The most important part of any upper build is the customizability, this is demonstrated best in the unique Aero Precision handguards. For example, the Aero Precision quantum handguard is perfect for those who opt for a lighter free-float design. Aero quantum handguards have a removable four slot picatinny rail on the front, and a M-LOK design for a more sleek and cost-effect handguard. Alternatively, the Aero Precision Free float handguard Gen II offers a M-LOK design but with extra milling to add visual appeal and gripping abilities, also this handguard includes a continuous aero precision rail along the top of the handguard. Different from either is the Aero Taper Lock Attachment System (ATLAS), Aero Precision Atlas handguards provide mirrored tapering to insure that pressure is distributed equally within the handguard, to avoid warping. The ATLAS S-1 handguard features front and rear rails, and is compatible with all Mil-Spec ar15 upper receivers and ar15 barrels. For a lightweight build that is sleek but maintains strength and stability, the ATLAS R-1 handguard provides that, the main difference between it and the S-1 being the R-1 has a full top rail. Both ATLAS handguards are available in M-Lok and keymod, allowing for optimal personalization.

Easily overlooked, but incredibly important to a build, is the gas block. Aero Precision gas blocks are made from 4150 hardened steel with phosphate coatings, ensuring quality airflow throughout your AR-15. With this important addition, you are increasingly reliability in your gas system and guaranteeing a proper AR cycle. Aero Precision low profile gas blocks come in three models to fit barrels with an outer diameter of either .625, .750, .875 inches. Although not offered yet at PMA, Aero Precision adjustable gas blocks are fine-tuned by the buyer, rather than by the manufacturer.