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Pistol/SBR Upper Receiver Assemblies

At Pickett’s Mill Armory, we offer many types of pistol upper assemblies, and sbr upper receivers, all with a flat top A3 Upper, ready to be attached to any Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver. Our items are compliant with MILSPEC standards, allowing for a quality shooting experience for anyone. Our assembled pistol uppers and SBR uppers come with the following items: Upper Receiver, Forward Assist, Barrel Nut, Ejection Port Door, a barrel of your choosing, muzzle device of your choosing, and a handguard of your choosing.

Sizing Options

When buying an assembled pistol or sbr upper from PMA, you can choose between many different sizes. Currently we offer 10.5” upper receivers, and 7.5” upper receivers, perfect for any pistol or SBR. Our 10.5 pistol uppers are crafted by the finest materials and test-fired before shipping to ensure the best ar15 upper receiver for our customers. Both sizes are offered for either pistol or SBR uppers, so if you want a 10.5 sbr, or a 7.5 inch pistol, we have both ready for your convenience.


With our pistol/sbr upper receiver assemblies, we offer a variety of handguards for your choosing, ranging from different styles of milling, different brands, and different lengths. We offer our very own Keymod rails, which add a unique and individual style to your ar15 upper build. If keymod isn’t for you, don’t fret because we also have MLOK handguards for a more sleek appeal. A great example of our fine crafted ar builds would be the 10.5 inch Upper Receiver with M-LOK rail in .223 Wylde/ 5.56 NATO. Not only do we offer Keymod and M-Lok rails for your upper, we also stock the brands you know and love. We offer the Aero Quantum, Aero Precision Gen II rails, and Matrix Arms handguard to provide great stability for your ar15.

The length of the handguard is also vital to consider when purchasing your next upper receiver, and at PMA we have many different lengths to choose from. A day in the range can be very frustrating if your groups are far apart as a result of the added weight from the handguard, so check the length and consider the many options we have at PMA. Customization of your build comes to a peak in the handguard, as length can play a role in overall usability, it also is the most aesthetically individual piece of the Upper receiver, and we offer many different sizes from the short 7 inch handguard to the longer 12 inch handguard. We have varying sizes, such as a 7” free float handguard, found on the PMA 7.5" M4 Keymod Rail Pistol Upper .223 / 5.56, or a Tactical 12” free float handguard, found on our 10.5" Upper Receiver with MLOK Rail .223 / 5.56, or even a Free Float 9" Hand Guard found on our PMA 7.5" Pistol SBR Upper Receiver.


Whether 300 Blackout Sbr upper, or 5.56 Upper Receiver Assembly, the barrel is the most integral part of the build, as it is where the bullet actually exits. The barrels found in our SBR and Pistol upper receivers are manufactured in contoured steel, guaranteeing the best ar barrel for your build. Made of 4150 Chrome Moly, our barrels can be chambered in whichever you prefer, whether that be 300 blackout or .223 Wylde 5.56 NATO. We also offer each chambering in many various twist rates, allowing you to choose your twist rate, chamber, and length of the barrel for whatever the purpose of your Ar is. Our main coating for a barrel is Phosphate, but we keep multiple nitride options as well.

Muzzle Devices

Depending on your use of the Ar15 you are building, the muzzle device necessary changes, luckily for you, we have a variety of options available. Our standard muzzle device is the A2 flash hider, it is reliable and useful to most.The A2 Flash hider reduces the amount of flash after firing reducing the impact on the one firing. But, we also offer a flash can on our pistol uppers, or you can opt to customize with the VG6 Gamma or VG6 Epsilon. The VG6 Gamma limits recoil and muzzle movement, while the VG6 Epsilon does it all, limiting recoil and muzzle movement and dimming the amount of light emitted after firing.

Gas Block & Tube

Our gas blocks and tubes are made of nitrided steel to perform under any circumstances. Our gas blocks are made to have a slightly oversized port to capture all the gas expelled to ensure your rifle operates on a consistent level. They are heat treated and nitride coated for a great looking block that exceeds the standard, run-of-the-mill gas system. A gas block in included in each and every one of our upper assemblies, because without it, the upper will not work, and we cannot ensure quality and perfect shooting without the best gas-blocks installed.


At checkout, we have drop-down boxes with different options that allow you to add items such as charging handles and bolt carrier groups to your purchase. At PMA we offer several different types of bolt carrier groups, ranging from the industry standard phosphate BCG to the unique gold colored titanium nitride BCGs. In addition to phosphate and TiN BCGs, we offer Nitride BCGs, Nickel Boron BCGs to make even the simplest build individualized and custom. We also offer many types of charging handles, we have a traditional MILSPEC charging handle, but also have BCMGunfighter Mod 3 and Mod 4 charging handles. Upgrading your charging handle to the BCM Gunfighter or the Radian Raptor allows for more surface area to pull the handle to the rear and charge the weapon.

There tons of great options here so Choose your weapon!